Hello And Welcome To NoSurf!

NoSurf is a community of people who are interested in digital wellness. Whether you are simply seeking more productivity in your life or feel that your excessive internet use has become a problem, we are here to offer a supportive space full of practical information and like minded individuals to help you on your journey.

Our philosophy on internet use is one of healthy, mindful, and purposeful internet use, so that our devices serve us – and not the other way around. We understand that the Internet is a vital tool in today’s world and cannot be given up entirely, so we want to show you how you can use the internet while still being productive, focused, social and well rested.

Our community is centered around supporting each other to reach our own goals. There are no strict rules – you decide how far you want to go and what changes you want to implement.

If you’re new here check out the following resources to help you get started: